We all have different reasons for wanting to just stay home. StayPutHomes offers you the ability to stay put in your home, but still quickly collect the value of your home equity as cash in only weeks. You can use the money for whatever you need, and we have one simple program that’s perfect for anyone.

The Sell & StayPut plan allows you to get cash for your home’s equity.

No matter what curveballs life throws at you, you can quickly flip all the money that you’ve invested into your home’s equity and turn it into fluid cash for anything you need. Weddings, education, your new business, or anything you need the money for – it’s yours now!

It’s also an ideal program for families on the go.

Take the hassle out of moving by getting the value of your home up front so you can qualify and purchase your dream home, while staying where you are until you’re ready to move. Say goodbye to finding yourself homeless because you sold your house, only to discover you can’t find or get the top bid on the next home you’re ready to move into!

The StayPutHomes Simple Program

Here are all the options included in this plan

Sell & StayPut

Convert your home equity to cash, plus get the option to repurchase at a later date.

Quick Cash

Get up to 75% of your home’s value as cash funding. Then earn the rest of your home’s purchase price when it sells.

Ability to Repurchase

Yes! We want to offer you the opportunity to repurchase your home if you wish. For your security, we require a 1-year minimum lease.

Do You Still Receive Appreciation?

Yes, if applicable to your situation. Set up an appointment to learn more.

What Are the Costs?

The biggest cost is taking a bank loan and paying high interest or defaulting. This plan solves the problem of not taking action because of the complications of moving your family and finding a place to stay in-between homes.